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b. 1986, HK.

Ethan Fabricant, Colby College Soccer

Ethan Fabricant, Colby College Soccer


Revivify is the place of choice for those seeking cutting-edge therapies for health, recovery, regeneration and pain management.

Our Approach:

As partners in your well-being, Revivify has selected a suite of services that assist the body’s efforts in healing, recovering, detoxifying, de-stressing, countering the effects of aging or limiting or eliminating painful conditions.  

We are always testing and seeking the next new modality that offers these results.  Though we have strayed into modalities that may be considered cosmetic, this is typically the result of a particular modality having multiple uses.  

We are agnostic to what brings you here: whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior; recovering from a traumatic injury or dealing with a pervasive chronic condition; if you are seeking another component to your health regimen or seeking a supplement for the time period of your recovery from illness or injury.  Regardless, we will serve you to the best of our ability with our knowledgeable and engaging staff.  

Our service packages reflect what research has shown to be the prescribed protocols for our most common targets.  They are based on studies and research and rely on statistical results.  However, we will create tailored programs for you at advantageous pricing based on your unique response to the treatments or your desired length of treatment.  We rely, ultimately, on your response to our services and will work with you to design the right program for your needs.