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Meet Max Jackson, Summit High School Running Back

Max set a new single season rushing record for SHS with 1,796 yards while leading the Hilltoppers to the state sectional championship. When not gouging defenses with his trademark inside runs, Max delivered crushing blocks to lead other ball carriers on sweeps and counters, protected the pocket for pass plays and assumed a leadership role on a championship team. The class of 2019 standout has committed to Marist College.

Max came to us in week two with a high ankle sprain and overall soreness from his oversized workload. We worked him through a program combining whole body and local cryotherapy and pneumatic compression sessions. As the season progressed, old injuries healed and new ones surfaced. We changed the treatment protocol based on the current demands and kept Max in the game. Through the high ankle sprain, a groin injury, IT band strain, two banged up knees and a bruised hand - as well as countless bruises and overall fatigue - Max did not miss a single series.

After the first session, my ankle felt immediately better. I could place full pressure, cut easier and be game ready. Whenever an injury cropped up the cryo allowed me to be 100% by game time. On Fridays Iā€™d have residual soreness from the prior weeks game and a weeks worth of practice. With a treatment Friday night or Saturday morning, it was gone.
— Max Jackson
Li Wang