Revivify Your Body


Stretching in bed

Before you even get out of your pajamas you can jumpstart your day with some easy and effective stretches. This will not only prepare your body for the day ahead, you can use stretching to help you gradually wake up and ease into your routine.

1.     Full body stretch: Simply extend your arms over your head and straighten your legs out as much as possible while lying on your back. Hold this for about 20 seconds, release and repeat.


2.     Leg over stretch: While keeping your shoulders flat against the bed, bring your right leg over to your left side until it touches the bed. Depending on your flexibility levels, you can either use a straight leg or keep your knee bent.  Hold for 30 seconds and switch sides. You should feel a nice stretch in your lower back and sensation of releasing the spine.

3.     Knees to chest: While lying on your back bring your knees to your chest feeling the stretch in your lower back. Hold it for 20 seconds, release and repeat.

These are three solid stretches you can do without even sitting up. As you get more comfortable you can add more stretches to your routine. Commit to these stretches every morning for a month and we guarantee you’ll feel better at the start of every day.

Li Wang